The grades and credits for KiVANET language courses are entered into the study register of the university in charge of each course. The registrations take place according to the practices and timetables of each university.

Students who have completed a KiVANET language course are in charge of transferring the credits to their home university study registers. Transferring the credits soon after course completion is recommended. The procedure depends on your home university.

  1. My Studyinfo service
    Students can use the “My completed studies” section of My Studyinfo to transfer their credits. At present, the section is only available in Finnish and Swedish. To access the service, log in by using your Finnish online banking identification, mobile ID or Citizen Certificate stored on your ID card. The service allows you to retrieve your course information and to create a link that you can send electronically to your home university according to its practices. 
  1. Transcript of records 
    If the previous method is not possible, you can request a transcript of records containing the course information from the university in charge of the KiVANET course. You can use the transcript to transfer the credits according to the practices of your home university. 

If you are not able to transfer your KiVANET credits with any of the methods above, you can seek help by emailing kivanet(at) Please note that it is not possible for the teachers of the courses to influence the transfer of course credits.