KiVAKO, a joint project of Finnish universities (2018-21), has created a wide range of web-based language studies with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The cooperation continues in the form of KiVANET, a network of 26 Finnish universities. The network offers web-based language courses to the students of the network universities.

Students from the network universities can sign up for web-based KiVANET language studies. The courses listed below are based either on English as the support language or on the target language alone. The courses are thus also suited to students who do not speak Finnish.

Further information on language-specific courses, enrolment instructions and information on web-based language learning can be found on the DigiCampus Moodle platform during the enrollment period, from 5 to 19 January 2022. On the sign in page, choose Kirjaudu vierailijana, Logga in som gäst or Log in as a guest.

Chinese & Chinese Characters 1 (5 cr) 
Chinese & Chinese Characters 2 (5 cr) 
Portuguese 2 (3 cr) 
Understanding Italy (3 cr) 

Multilingual UniTandem studies are also available in the spring of 2022: further information and enrolment instructions are available on the UniTandem web pages. (